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CVS Health is an American healthcare firm that previously owned CVS pharmacy, CVS Caremark, retail pharmacy, Aetna, and more. CVS Healthcare was also known as CVS Caremark Corporation earlier. The Company headquarters is located in Rhode Island. Founded by three partners in 1963 namely Stanley, Sidney, and Ralph the company helped retailers to manage their products including health and beauty. Initially, the business aimed at dealing only with health and services, but the pharmacy also added to the services later.  You can check real time stock quotes for this stock at online trading sites.

Real time stock quotes

Owing to growth and expansion, the company joined the Melville Corporation to manage a retail business. Later in 2007 the company merged with pharmacy benefit management Caremark RX and renamed itself CVS Caremark Corporation. In 2014 the company renamed itself CVS health and decided to remove tobacco products from pharmacy stores and shelves. Health assets of CVS are CVS specialty, CVS Caremark, CVS Pharmacy, and retail clinic minute clinic.

Company stocks and finance

Starting with just 148,000 employees in 2005 the company today has more than 290,000 employees. The net income of the company shows an increasing trend from 1225 million USD to 6634 million USD from 2005 to 2009. From the year 2005 till present the revenue of the company has shown an increase from 37007 million USD to 256776+ million USD.

Trading in stocks can be difficult or fatal if investors don’t have proper information about it. A company’s performance over the past few years is crucial for investors to know. Since the stock value fluctuates every minute, investors may lose more than their original investment. Hence, NYSE: CVS is the best way to learn about stocks of CVS health in the most understandable format.

Some stock related information about CVS is

Open – 65.85

High – 68.88

Low – 64.88

52 week high – 77.03

52 week low – 52.04

Turnover –

TTM – 10.30

Based on analyst rating, 22.22% suggest a strong buy of stocks whereas 48.15% suggest buying stocks. 29.63% suggest hold of stocks and 0% feel that the stocks are underperformed.

The average CVS price of the stock target is 80.04 with a low estimation of 65.00 and a high estimation of 104.00. The graphical and statistical data at NYSE gives a proper approximation of the stocks. The pictorial representation is also an easier way to understand the stock trend.

CVS pharmacy is one of the biggest retail pharmaceutical chains in the USA. With more than 9600 stores across 50 states, CVS pharmacy operates under CVS. There is much trending news of CVS Health all of which can be found easily in NYSE: CVS at https://www.webull.com/quote/nyse-cvs. It is also the best way to update yourself with the happenings of CVS.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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