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Al in "Eat the Rich"

"THIS MOVIE was made in 1987 - twenty five years ago - and is as relevant today as it was back then. A total comment on capitalist greed and corruption and a climate of contempt for the underdog. It's repellent how a non-empathetic, highly priveleged by mere accident of birth, super rich government can move the goal posts and turn the poor, the disabled, the elderly, the unemployed, the homeless in to the worthless parasite,when the real parasite is the nasty con-dem administration. Mind you, anarchy apart, I loved Barry Norman doing a special little piece on me for FILM 87."

More of Al in "Eat the Rich"

"Loved this scene with Derren Nesbitt, who I didn't care for, hence the reason this scene worked so well."

Al as Lana Pellay performing "Pistol In My Pocket"

"Pistol in my Pocket, many have said it's Pete Burns (whom I get on with very well) and I say I've always been more alive than dead! But thanks to them, Stock Aitken and Waterman was able to give Lana Pellay this world wide dance floor hit,accompanied by a John Maybury video filmed in the legendery Taboo night club - which Boy George's musical of the same name was based on."

Al in the music video for Gary Clail's in "Human Nature"

Al on Top Of The Pops performing with Gary Clail in "Human Nature"

"This appeared on the ITV chart show for 8 weeks. It was all around that mad-chester period and heights of success are certainly madness!"

Al with Paddy McGuinness on Unanimous: The Fallout

"Unanimous television show with Paddy McGuinness who was truly charming, screaming me choots off! It reminded me of Craig Charles' "Funky Bunker" show on ITV in the middle 90s."

Al covering Space Oddity at Cabaret Night

"David Bowie fabulous! I spent a whole week in Italy with Mick Ronson in '86, what a hoot he was! Space Oddity is a metaphor for life and that's how I perform it here."

From Angie Bowie:
"What a great rendition of David's song. Al, my dear long has it been? This is the first time I can bear to listen to this song. You did a great job Al, now I am crying well....a few well-positioned tears! LOL! And now you are ... off to Edinburgh to pay tribute to the grande dame Dorothy Squires. You are such a magnificent entertainer...Wish I was going to be there!"

Al performing in "Glitter and Twisted Town and Gown"

"I loved doing this show at the Beckett Theatre, Theatre Row 42nd street NYC. It was an emotional piece - in fact, all my pieces have emotional elements because I am a real emotional girl. I do love being fifty pounds lighter now too. ("How to achieve weight loss: the Pillayaway Programme" pdf coming soon)"

Al live at The Union in Soho

"This was a fabulous night of me in cabaret at this exclusive club. I really enjoy the Union Club - unlike the Groucho around the corner where nothing ever really happens except bullsh-t after six, the Union private members is always full of happening industry folk. I always get to say hello to Will Young, Daniel Radcliffe, Bonnie Grier, Kenneth Branagh, Danny Boyle and sometimes they even say hello back to me! Haha!

Al with Leigh Bowery and friends

"Those were the days. My friends and my best friend at the time, Leigh Bowery, before he was a legend or played by Matt Lucas, Julian Clary, or Mark Little in the musical 'Taboo'."