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Pillaydium 2012

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A magical album. Interpreting a lyric is an art form - Al Pillay is already a master, a maverick soul and transgressive being, and a storyteller who can take you right to the core of the internal life of a song.
Original material written by Barney Ashton and produced by Christopher Frost.

From David Hoyle:
"Al is one of The Few Genuine Performers Who can Comfortably Straddle:-The West End & The Avant-Garde! On "PILLAYDIUM":-Al's latest Recorded Work, We are Gifted A Journey, on which Al shares Hir Life, utilizing Hir Rich, Resonant and Relateable Vocal Artistry.
It has to be Said that The 6 Songs are Expertly Arranged by The Wonderful Barney Ashton-Bullock. Both should be Complimented on Producing such FAB Work. Al generously let's Us see where S/He is NOW! With perfect diction & enunciation; which still belies Al's "humble" origins in Grimsby & ALL THAT LIFE EXPERIENCE !!! Singing of:- "Suburban Caligulas" & "Trainee Perverts" = I Love This E.P.Recording.
Thank-You Al & Thank-You Barney for This Filmic Aural Delight.=A Contemporary Classic ! Love to ALL-Dx.
ALL music Collections will benefit from The Inclusion of This Committed Work!
Viva Al!

£ 4.14 (digital)

A Life In Song 2006

Digital album direct from Amazon. Listen to Al sing some of his favourites on his biggest release to date.
Also available at that link: purchase individual songs for under a pound!

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