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Al speaks out in OutThere magazine!

Award-winning magazine of international homoculture OutThere has an autobiographical piece by Al...check it out for some great photo album snaps!

Al-lana's youtube channel, Lana's Story Land

Al-lana talks about "Lana's Story Land" in the Never Blend In blog

Listen to Lana at the BBC!

Lana's appearance on the BBC's "Inheritance Tracks" is available to listen now!

Frock Magazine covers Al

Hot off the press - Al is interviewed in the latest Frock none other than Angie Bowie!

Al's great north run: interview in The Scotsman

More of Al's domination north of the border, here being interviewed by The Scotsman:
"Diva plays diva and it is extraordinary to watch. Al-Lana must be the only performer who has to tone herself down to play the fabulous Welsh she-dragon who made Bassey look like Dana."
For yet more, read Al's coverage in The Scotsman's lifestyle blog.

Al's Edinburgh reviews are in!

Al's just back from hir Edinburgh Fringe performances of "Dorothy Squires: Mrs. Roger Moore". Naturally, the reviews have been glowing. Check out some of these:

Time Out



Al's cabaret being previewed in The Express

"Cabaret is a particular art form and idiom. It's story-telling really, in an intimate setting where the audience must bring out the eyes and ears and keep their traps shut. It's the performers domain which must not be interrupted by the brattish - its not home entertainment you cannot stop pause and rewind. It can educate, disturb and illuminate. I've always admired the great cabaret stars such as Eartha Kitt, Lena Horne, Marlene Dietrich, Noel Coward, even Dorothy Squires and of course the post modernists and the avant-garde - David Hoyle, Justin Bonds and many more. Thank you Jane Clinton for this."

Al being interviewed by The Voice

"AHHHHH The Voice! There was a time when in many liberal-thinking peoples' opinion The Voice was known as one of the most homo/trans phobic publications going. Well social attitudes have been changed a massive amount, and black culture has played a big role in forcing those changes. What an intelligent piece and yes, only neurotics genderize and demean. I mean, why be male or female when you can just BE! Or are we still being dragged back to the catacoombs of the 7th century instead of living respectfully in the 21st."

Al on the receiving end of a TOWIE-related gaffe

"I was sat directly opposite him on the JO GOOD SHOW 94.9FM BBC LONDON when he just came out with it! I just thought you PLONKER! Argy bargy! They will get you for saying that to a brown woman from Grimsby town. Also it was I that coined the phrase "argy bargy" by the way, and not that Sarah Cox! who played the whole thing on Radio1 the very next day."

A profile by Al's home town of Grimsby

"Well you can take the girl out of Grimsby but not Grimsby out of the girl, that's obvious. And Gaga, as much as I love ya, I never needed you to tell me I was born this way. I was liberated from the day I was born and I've never needed any movement to liberate me. I've always done precisely and exactly as I've always wanted to do and I've suffered the consequences of that free will. And quite frankly thats all there is to it. MORE MAC PLEASE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!. X X X"

Al talking to Out magazine all about London

"I've never ever been in! And woe betide anyone that didn't move out of my way! Thats a fab picture taken by Chris Jepson in the upstairs resturant of the Union Club Soho,the private members club with its list of many star names including my own! hahahahaha!"

Al's portrait in Diana Thompson's exhibition makes the front cover of the Lambeth Weekender

A lovely bit of portraiture of Al by the photographer Chris Jepson

Al's album gets a five-star review in the Times Culture!

Al reviewed by music and comedy legend Stewart Lee.

Al as the London Lite's interview subject.

*** SPECIAL BONUS *** Al gets spotted by the SpiBlog with George Michael and other fans at hir album launch